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Three possible techniques for expressing your life:
  1. We create and hold good thoughts and emotions about ourselves and the world. We practice producing good intention, and we practicing maintaining good thoughts and emotions. Also, we pay attention to any good thoughts and emotions that may arise spontaneously, and ignore but do not fight against any bad thoughts and emotions. Then, we allow our behavior to express those good inner experiences in order to bring benefit to ourselves and all others. To do this technique, we bring up good visual images in our minds, good auditory thoughts in our minds, and good emotional feelings in our bodies. We imagine someone we respect, or we repeat a useful phrase in our heads, or we feel gratitude or love in our hearts. Any bad thoughts or emotions that come up are no problem. We let them come up. But we don't pay attention to them. We just pay attention to good thoughts and emotions, creating them and maintaining them for a set period of time. We then express that in our behavior.

  2. We let go of all intentions.  We may need intentions sometimes, but for a period, we practice letting go of all of them. Any time we find ourselves interfering with our experience in any way, doing anything at all, we drop the intention to do so. Then, whenever bad intentions come up in our daily lives, we drop them. We drop the intention to do anything at all. To do this technique, sit down for a set period of time. During that time, just don't do anything. Any time you notice that you are intentionally doing something, such as moving, thinking about something, not thinking about something, trying to concentrate, etc, stop doing it. Things that you are doing unintentionally, like breathing, are no problem. Don't even try to search for things you are doing intentionally. But if you notice that you are doing anything on purpose, stop doing it.

  3. We make good decisions. The quality of our decisions, and the degree to which we live by them, creates every part of the future that we create. To do this technique, use this decision guidance to learn and practice it. Then use it through your day, for big and small decisions.

This is done for the benefit of all beings. Therefore, I am called "Forall."