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Mind the Music - What Mentors and Parents Say

Their teachers and parents are amazed.

The staff in schools and after-school programs often report improved behavior among most of the kids who participate in the program.  They say that the kids are less volatile, better listeners and more focused.  They are impressed at the new levels of responsibility on the part of the teens who remember the schedule, prepare the snacks, and ready the room in preparation for my arrival. 

In after-school programs I have generally chosen to give my attention to the kids who show high levels of interest.  This often means turning away kids who do not show excitement for the program.  I want to be sure that the quality of the program experience is as high as possible for others.  In school, the environment is completely welcoming, and is a relief for the kids from the judgement that so often pervades their experience in school.

The parents of the kids see the good effects, and encourage them to attend.  Many of the kids have taught the techniques to their parents, and they themselves were able to experience good effects.  Several parents of kids who have been taught by others kids who are certified to teach have come in to the center to report that they are happy with what their kids are learning.

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