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Mind the Music - What the Kids Say

The kids love it.


They often report to me that they used the techniques to avoid physical or verbal confrontations. For example, recently one gave sole credit to the class for his choice to avoid getting into a fight after school. Another reported that when other kids are saying things that make him want to become violent, he listens to silence. He said that he feels better when his focus is not on what they are saying and listening to silence induces emotional peace.  Another reported that learning to “zoom in” on only certain sounds, helped her to listen better in class.


Several times, participants have reported that they can sleep better as a result of the program.  Many have reported an improvement in their performance in sports, and most have reported an increased ability to study.  Several have reported that they have been able to deal with the death of a family member more effectively as a result of the class.  Many of the boys have reported an improved attitude towards women.


Several have become certified to teach at least one method. They teach classes that I set up for them, and they sometimes set up their own classes.

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