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Mind the Music - Who We Are

We are a bunch of kids and an instructor.


The kids are generally from families in the north end of Burlington, although the practice is gradually spreading around the world.  Many of them are members of refugee families from Africa and Asia who have arrived in the U.S. in the last few years.  Many are native Vermonters and have never left Vermont. Some of them have experienced extreme trauma, including rape, daily beatings, being chased for hundreds of miles by death squads, and being forced to watch the murder of their family members.  Many have no such experience, and live in supportive, caring environments.  Some have records in the legal system while others do not. Some have severe learning disabilities while others have skipped grades. We are a wonderful mix; each of us can learn from the others.

As adults from around the world have heard about the practice, we have given them training and they have started Mind the Music classes all over the US and in four continents, reaching hundreds of young people world-wide.

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