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Invitation from Yesi & Cadoux

Dear Friend,

We would like to invite you to come support us and experience yourself at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  The King Street Center Mind the Music program is sending us, two advanced students, to help ourselves and others in the community by learning mindfulness for one week, March 7-12, at Kripalu.

This will be enjoyable for each of us.  It would be great if you came with us, and helped us so we can learn better and pass our experiences along.  We want to help you, as well. As youth teachers, we will be happy to contribute to the world by teaching you how to control yourself, make good decisions in your life, reach your goals, relax, deal with feelings, increase your focus, help yourself succeed, let go of bad thoughts, and be happy. We want to exchange this for helping us get to the retreat.

We believe that your support and your participation will be helpful for us and the people that we are helping. Thank you and we hope that we hear from you sooner than later.  Again, thanks.

-Yessi and Cadoux

About Yessi

I'm from Sudan. I was lucky because I went to school when I was five. We got beaten and that's how we learned. I moved to Egypt because my dad said it was better there. It was safer. Where I was in Sudan, it was really bad because people got killed in the streets all the time and there was a lot of sickness. Other bad things happened that I don't like to write about. In Egypt, there was racism, so we had to go to different schools, but still it was much better there. I was there for 6 years. My family got into a fight with Egyptians, and we struggled. I came to the US with my family in 2004. Now I'm 18, and I'm a junior at BHS. I've been studying mindfulness for a year and a half. I find it a good experience. I've taught it to about 20 people. It helps me as a person to control my body and my mind, and to clear everything I've been through. I can study better and play soccer better and keep my mind on my goals. I want to take this opportunity to pass it on to people who are struggling.

About Cadoux

I was born in a small town in the Congo, Brazzaville. I moved to a city with my single mom. I didn't know who my dad was. We didn't have enough money for me to go to school, but my mom taught me at home for three years. She wanted me to have better than she had. I started to go to school at age 9, and I was the best student of more than 1000. At age 15 my father found me and wanted me to join him in the country named Gabon as a refugee and then come to the US with him. My mom knew that it was a good thing and she let me go. I came here when I was 16, in 2007, and went to BHS. The reason I am going to school and doing this program is because I want to get knowledge and help my mom who lives in the Congo. I have not seen her in four years. Things are bad there but I don't talk about it unless you ask me in a conversation. I also want to help the world by giving back what I have gained from others. I'm a senior in high school and going to St. Rose College in New York next fall. I've been doing mindfulness for one year. It has helped me to focus in school, stay out of trouble, know who I am, decide my goals, and also to control myself. So I would like to pass this knowledge on to other children of the world who is everyone who wants to get these experiences.

To sign up for the retreat, please go to the Kripalu web site, or call 800-741-7353. Regarding donations to the youth mindfulness program to help Yessi and Cadoux, please call Vicky Smith at 802-862-6736 or email Soryu at