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From Sunday, March 7 through Friday, March 12 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Soryu Forall led a workshop on transcending and befriending internal talk.

Soryu brought three teen mindfulness teachers and two teen mindfulness students. All of them have been practicing mindfulness for over a year in the Mind the Music program, but this was their first residential retreat. Please read a letter of invitation and short autobiographies written by two of them.

Please see Soryu's letter of invitation and the Kripalu flyer here.

I am often asked, "How do I know if meditation will help me?" I answer, "It will help you if you do it." Doing it, as opposed to thinking about it or talking about it, is the part that helps.

I am also asked, "I have had deep experiences, in which I simultaneously feel that I have gone beyond the world, and that I am connected to everyone in the world. How can I deepen this experience so that my whole life feels that way?" Most of us have had spiritual experiences, so this also is a common question. I answer, "Join a community that has these experiences together." Sharing our practice with each other is how we link the ordinary within us (our spiritual nature) with the extraordinary within us (our personalities).

Because I get these questions so often, I often tell students, "Do it and share it."  I have found that about 10% of the people who try this actually manage it on a daily basis.  So I got together with a friend, Ted, and we created a way to use modern technology to make it easy to accomplish this.

How does it work?

We have tested this program for two months. Participants do their practice 85% of the time, about a 400% improvement over their average past practice. Participants donate on average $20 per month, enough to keep the program running. As this program grows, any donations over cost will go directly to supporting the teen mindfulness program at King Street Center here in Burlington.

Questions about the program?

From August 15 to 21, 2010, Forall will be leading meditation for young people at the Omega Teen Camp. He will be bringing about 15 teens from the Burlington area. Please join us.