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Practice Support System

How it works:

We ask you to practice meditation ten minutes a day at any time you choose. We send you an email or a text message at that time reminding you to practice. Do your practice wherever you are. After ten minutes, report on your experience via email or text, telling us two things:
  1. What meditation technique you used.
  2. A short report (10-15 words) on what happened.
A version of your report is posted anonymously on twitter for all to see. This is your gift to the community. As a gift to you, we will reply to you privately with a bit of meditation advice or encouragement as often as we can (currently about half the time).
  • In order to support this program, we ask that you donate an amount you choose. You can either donate every month, or you can donate if you miss a day's practice.
    • In the first case, you would give the same amount regardless of how much you practice.
    • In the second case, you would give a donation each day you didn't practice. Each day you did practice, we would consider your practice itself to be your gift to us. By reading your reports, we will keep track of whether you practiced each day, and then send you an invoice at the end of the month.
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