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Questions about the Reminder System

These are real questions from real people with my real answers about this program.

Can I do a trail period?
Well, a trial period means that you can use the service without obligation to pay. But we do everything by donation, so there is never really an obligation to pay. You never get charged unless you choose to donate. You can think of the whole thing as a trial period. Or you can think of it as an obligation. Whichever works for you.

What if I want to stop?
Just reply to the daily reminder with a message telling us that you want to stop. No problem.

Do I have to pay? Will you chase me down if I don't? Or fine me? Or be mad at me?
Good question. The answers are, "No," "No," "No," and "No." 
We ask that you offer at least $5 per month, or $5 per missed practice session. We do this on the honor system. This whole program is based on trust. We trust you to honestly care about your practice and our program. You trust us to honestly care about your practice and our program. So if it turns out that you don't have the funds to pay for a certain month, or any other difficulty arises, then just let it go. We will. Every time you donate, on the other hand, take a minute to feel good about helping the teens in Burlington, VT. We will. 

What if the reminder to practice increases guilt and stress in my day?
We hope, of course, that your practice will DECREASE guilt and stress in your day. We can help you to cultivate a practice that will do that. Begin your practice by considering your 10 minutes a day to be restful and energizing, and looking forward to it. So the easy answer is, "Do it and you won't feel guilty or stressed." 
There is a more complete answer. Farmers need to set aside a little corn every year in order to have food next year. It is difficult for hungry people to avoid eating their seed corn, but if at all possible, we must do this to sustain ourselves. If you are reading this web site, you are likely not one of the millions of hungry people who are literally in this situation right now. You are likely one of the people who have plenty of corn, but are stressed, starving for peace of mind. It is difficult, but necessary, to set aside a little time and energy each day to cultivate peace of mind, so that we have increasing amounts of internal sustenance as our lives unfold. 

I think it would be cumbersome to reply.
At first, it may seem cumbersome to reply with a report each day. But as you do it, you will discover three things that will make it so satisfying to report that the report itself will become a reason to practice. First, replying with the word "Done" is one way to report, and that takes about ten seconds. It takes about five seconds if your phone is already in your hand or you are already on email. Second, it feels great to record your experiences in a way that you and others can look back on later. Third, every report you give is a form of support for others' practice. Therefore, we consider your practice to be complete only if you report on it that day.

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