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Real-time Practice Support

Real-time practice support is a program developed for whole-hearted mindfulness practice. Rather than having a conversation, we will create conditions appropriate for you to deepen awareness. This is an excellent chance for insight, resolution of suffering, cultivation of happiness, training ourselves to be more effective in daily life, and learning how to teach mindfulness.

We will spend the first portion of a thirty-minute session setting up a technique that fits your goals. In the second portion, you will have the opportunity to practice it. In the final portion, we will discuss your experience with that technique and how to move forward. Occasionally, one-hour sessions are available. 

This Practice Support is offered by donation, with a recommended donation of US $20 per 30 minute session. Your donation allows me to work with growing numbers of people, just as someone else's donation allows me to work with you. Please give an amount that gives you maximum fulfillment.


To sign up for an appointment, please Contact me.