Better than Anything

Q: I feel like nothing is good enough. I'm not good enough, and the world isn't good enough. I hate this but I don't know what to do about it.

A: The dissatisfaction you feel is very significant. The truth in it is meaningful and deep. But it is mixed up with confusion. The question is, can you find the truth in it? If you can, you will take care of yourself and everyone you meet.

There are two ways to find it. The first is meaningful, and the second is deep.

To find the meaning of your truth, find love for all of us. This great love drives us to make the world a better place. It drives us to be better people. This is natural and beautiful. There is no need to fight it. But if we fight it even for a moment, it turns into something terrible. It turns into the idea that we know how things should be. The desire to make things better becomes the belief that things are worse than they should be. This is very dangerous. To avoid this great danger, we must fully allow love to function. As long as we don't hold love back, it will not turn into dissatisfaction. We will work to make ourselves better without ever thinking we aren't good enough. We will work to help everyone we meet, without thinking they should be a certain way. But how do we do this? To do this truly, clarify the depths of your dissatisfaction.

To clarify the depths of dissatisfaction, let go of whatever you think isn't good enough. You said that yourself and the world aren't good enough, so let go of those two things. If you were to find something in the store that you thought wasn't good enough, you'd put it back. There's no need to be mad at it; just return it. Every time you see, hear or feel anything around you in the world, drop it. Let go of it. Even let go of whatever you see, hear or feel inside. Pay no attention to it. Ignore it. Don't notice it.  Drop every sensory experience. Don't perceive anything. This will be the end of the world. Then take it further. Every time you do anything, such as wanting, loving, hating, intending, knowing, or acting, let go of that. Drop all intention and activity on your part. Don't do anything. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing. This will be the end of you. 

What is left when the world and you are gone? What is still there?

It's better than anything.