Q: What do you need to do to be a good leader?

To be a good leader, there are two primary qualities you must master. You must be skillful, and you must be trustworthy.

A leader must take action. Your actions as a leader depend on your perception.  You must be skillful and trustworthy in your perceptions and in your actions.

To become skillful in your perceptions, you must be clear about what you are perceiving.  There are six ways you perceive (seeing, hearing and feeling things inside and outside of you), and you must be able to clarify them in every moment.

To become trustworthy in your perceptions
, you must be willing to perceive two things completely: nothing and everything.  To perceive nothing means that your perception ends, so you end.  This is the way to confirm that you are willing to die for the world.  To perceive everything means that your perception is everyone's perception, and your life becomes everyone's life. This is the way to confirm that you are willing to live for the world.

If you can be clear in every moment about what you are perceiving, and you can perceive nothing, and you can perceive everything, then your perception is skillful and trustworthy.

To become skillful in your actions
, you must be educated. You must know the situation in the world, and you must know how to respond to different situations. You must know languages and their literature, cultures and their history, arts and their beauty, sciences and their methods, technologies and their uses. You must be familiar with as many subjects as possible and an expert on at least one. You must use this knowledge to make appropriate decisions.

To become trustworthy in your actions, you must be willing to act in two ways: you must be willing to do no evil, and to do all good. To do no evil means to stop acting on your own desires. To do all good means to express all the good within you in your actions.

If you can become well-educated, and are able to stop acting on your intentions at any time, and are able to express your inner goodness at any time, then your actions are skillful and trustworthy.

There is very little time. I trust you to skillfully serve as a good leader.