Sample Report

An illustration of a well-written report is below.

Please note the salient characteristics of this report, including:
  • The BREVITY of the report. What you see here is the MAXIMUM appropriate length. Shorter is fine.
  • The fact that "In" and "Good" are NOT INCLUDED as part of the focus space. While the practitioner who wrote this report did pay attention to thinking sometimes, In was not the focus. Also, while the experience was good, the term GOOD as a technical category means that s/he INTENTIONALLY CREATED content, which s/he did not do in the case above.
  • The ABSENCE of any explanation of WHAT s/he thought about and heard. A full description is given WITHOUT reference to specific content.

"Lost track of focus space a lot, usually going to thinking. Came back every time I noticed, maybe 100 times during the 10 min. So that was good. Got to a point where I could allow what I heard to arise without holding onto it, and that was pleasant."


YES, I cultivated concentration.

NO, I did not cultivate clarity.

YES, I allowed things to arise.

SOMEWHAT, I allowed things to pass away.